Thursday, April 1, 2010

Laura's Garden, Pt. 1

This is my friend Laura. You may remember her from such posts as two days ago.

She and her hubbie, Carl, recently bought a fabulous house near West Seattle. Carl is an amazing carpenter, and together they've remodeled a good amount of the interior of their new home. It's inspiring to see what they've been able to accomplish with their own two hands. Similarly, there are high hopes for outside the house, where Laura is building a large-ish garden. She has the sort of green thumb that I envy with every ounce of my being. I've seen the scads of heirloom tomatoes she produced in her last garden; in fact, I was even the lucky recipient of a few of them. So I asked if I could document the genesis and trajectory of this new garden, and she graciously agreed.

The garden process began this past weekend with some rototilling. That's Carl doing the rototilling. It looked difficult.

And lots of raking. LOTS. Apparently all that grass has to go.

I hate that dandelions are considered weeds, because I love them. So I photographed them a lot. Maybe this love of weeds is why I don't make the best gardener. That, among other things.

Spring! I love it.

And, finally, here are the trellises that will eventually host those heirloom tomatoes of which I spoke so fondly. I cannot wait.

Most of all, I can't wait to witness more gardening grandeur. I'm giddy at the idea of watching vegetables, fruits, and flowers be planted, not to mention seeing them grow. And to then cook with those fruits and veggies, and to grace one's home with those flowers, well, it's beyond wonderful. 

Maybe I'll even learn something in the process, and eventually, one day, be able to create a garden of my own.

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